Footwear Treatment

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If you’ve got a favourite pair of shoes or walking boots then you’ll want to keep them in the best possible condition for as long as possible. The same goes when you buy a brand new pair of boots ahead of a walking trip or camping holiday. In order to help you to protect your shoes and boots we’ve compiled a collection of women’s footwear treatments that are designed to make them more waterproof and to help you clean off tough dirt before they turn into stains. We’ve even got a great range of personal foot care products to help you to treat blisters and soreness caused by long hikes, so browse the online store at GO Outdoors and pick up all you need at a great price today.

Compeed Blister Pack

Retail Price £5.49
Price: £4.94

Granger's G-Wax

Retail Price £2.99
Price: £2.69

Scarpa HS12 Cream 200ml

Retail Price £12.00
Price: £10.80
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Granger's Footwear Brush

Retail Price £10.00
Price: £5.00

Granger's Rubber Boot Care (150ml Spray)

Retail Price £5.00
Price: £3.50
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Granger's Gear Cleaner / Footwear Repel Twin Pack

Retail Price £13.00
Price: £11.70
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Scarpa HS12 Cream

Retail Price £8.00
Price: £7.20
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