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All experienced campers know the importance of having a number of tools available to them, especially if you’re going foraging for food or making your own campfire from scratch. Here at GO Outdoors we stock an extensive collection of the very best camping tools and knives that have been designed especially for those on camping holidays who may need to find food or firewood. We’ve got everything from traditional Swiss army knives to hatchets and survival kits that will help you to get through your camping trip whatever obstacles may stand in your way! So whether you’re looking for vital tools and camping knives to make repairs and build a shelter, or just something to chop some wood to make a campfire, you’ll find it all at GO Outdoors.

True Utility SciXors+

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Price: £5.25
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Leatherman Juice C2 Multi-Tool

Retail Price £79.95
Price: £56.00
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Victorinox Explorer

Retail Price £45.99
Price: £41.39

Victorinox DofE Pocket Tool

Retail Price £37.99
Price: £27.50

Buck Apex Carbon Fibre

Retail Price £55.00
Price: £39.50
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